Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Newsflash: I just heard from a source that the general auditor of INC, Jun Santos is one of the sons of Felix Manalo in many women. I am not sure if the Jun Santos my source was referring to is the same with the Brother Glicerio B. Santos Jr., the Auditor General of the Iglesia ni Cristo. The source said that the Jun Santos, the auditor general of INC lives in a mansion in Kalaw, Tierra Pura Subdivision.

If the INC auditor general Jun Santos is really a son of INC founder Felix Manalo, this means that Jun Santos and EraƱo Manalo have the same father, they are brothers. This would also mean that the INC auditor general Jun Santos is uncle of the current INC executive minister Eduardo V. Manalo.

Shame and scandal in the family.
Shame and scandal in the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

The Rosita Trillanes rape scandal of Felix Manalo is now more getting clearer.